Charles received his law license in 2021 and although he is relatively new to the practice of law, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.  Charles is a United States Marine Corps Veteran, has a master’s in business administration, a master’s in information science, a juris doctor, is a Realtor and Real Estate Broker, an investor and has years of experience in small business ownership and technology.

Before Charles obtained his law license he had a successful career in technology, starting his first business, a network integrations and consulting business, at 26 years of age.  He sold his business in 2000 when he went to work for a technology startup, an application service provider (ASP), where he was the Director of Technology Operations and Chief Security Officer.  After leaving Peopleclick in 2004, Charles joined his parents in the family business, where he took over operations and later bought the business.  While in law school Charles started his 4th business, a transportation company.  Because of his focus on customer service, Charles was able to take his business from the modest beginnings of one truck to 11 trucks in the short period of under 3 years.  In 2018 Charles sold his transportation company when he started investing and selling real estate.